Tune Your Mind Audiobook

Tune Your Mind Audiobook

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Some Excerpts from the book

MRP’s Tune Your Mind Audiobook


The basic concept of Mind Reengineering and Purpose or MRP is to reduce what we call relative ignorance and increase what we know as critical thinking skills. This simplistic definition means that even genetic traits can be changed through this process and behavioural genes cultivated to breed a new and highly improved person with sustained success.

We are certain that an insane person has a mind. Although we do not know why he thinks that way, this does not place an exception on whether a mind is present.

We will try to learn why everyone thinks the way they do and the absolute reason why some claim to think without having to check the dictionary definition of thinking. Thinking can be defined as the ability to produce thoughts. If you are not able to produce what is going on in your mind despite how brilliant it is, then you are not thinking. So many people think they do.

In every relationship, understanding is vital. Understanding includes the ability to learn and acknowledge the flaws people can have and readily forgive them when this flaw occurs.

If the CEO is a critical thinker but the entire staff is comprised of ignorant people, the weight of the success of that establishment will be reflected as low, or in the scale terminology, avoidable.

The weight of the success of this car is not dependent on the engine alone but the collective member parts that drive and keep a car efficient.

That being said, relative ignorance is something everyone can have. When you come across something completely new to you, you will be relatively ignorant about it, or stated differently, you do not have knowledge about it. When you begin to learn about it progressively, this ignorance is phased out.

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