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Pioneer Class is an online arm of Dedicated Class company that sets agendas and recruits people fit to run with the vision


  • Housing and Estate Support
  • Training and Production Centre
  • Business Boosting
  • Retail and Wholesale Market
  • New City Development

Who We Are

We are a growing number of selected and organized people whose vision is founded by true purpose


Using creativity borne out of our core to fulfill our agendas, developed by science and grooved by technology.

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Housing and Estate Support

Our focus here is to create supply of cooking gas, clean affordable drinking water, alternative electricity etc. in estates or housing units for improved safety, reliability, affordability and transparency.

Custom units consisting of cooking gas, alternative electricity plant and other location-specific contents, such as clean drinking water are supplied to an estate and distributed by meters that can be controlled remotely. Some of the key benefits include, security and safety: since you can turn supply to your house on/off remotely; reliability: you do not have to call for your gas refill or take on the stress of going to refill it yourself; transparency: when you can see the measure of your use, then we make sure you are paying for each kilogram correctly; and affordable: bulk purchases and wide network ensures competitive pricing. It is pay as you use.

Our unit designs are guaranteed and serviced periodically and passes the safety standards.

Training and Production Centre

Searching for ingenuity through unique vision in order to build innovative and inventive prowess

Inclined and adapted training environment and rooms designed to enhance performance and productivity and to build extensively on the ingenuity of a person. Crafts and brain-power are nurtured into products and services tailored to efficiently knit within the body of other visions across centers; where a software application, for example, can be designed from more than one person from multiple locations but for the same use – dissolving monopoly of application development. The training center will create unification in diversity and bond for lasting national and international solutions.

Business Boosting

Having redefined the business model through our science, which is proven by age-long concepts, we hold the spirit of success of every organization and can ensure enhanced performance and productivity.

Business has been like forever and there hasn’t been any unified concept of doing it but there is an underlying principle after all. First, our gifts and weaknesses are tailored to run more effectively at specified businesses; secondly, business blueprint and decisions are different from one another and those innately designed to carry it out also differ. Thirdly, though the foundational structure maybe the same but the combination of the three, powered by science and reviewed periodically, any business will grow forever; breaking into large parts across the globe. This is our concern and we have worked many years developing advanced business solution.

Retail and Wholesale Market

Our blueprint creates an open source retail and wholesale outlet using multiple channels to service delivery of goods and services with an integrable development programs, such as knowledge development programs.

Unlike other retail or wholesale chain stores, the Experience Market possess the XYZ business model developed through the MRP theory having 6 service delivery channels and a televised knowledge center to promote and improve education and its outcome around the world.

New City Development

The City: a place more important than a town, built and grown by the unique fabric of self and expanded and maintained by quintessential team work.

A city of one million purpose-field discovered people with all the facilities of a modern nation, working collaboratively within Nigeria as a separate entity; exporting, importing, generating and promoting internal science research, which is designed to overhaul the nation in her operations and  image globally. The City will be operated by the 27-year-old inspired science theory, Mind Reengineering and Purpose (MRP), which enhances performance and productivity of people and their businesses.