Founder’s Biography

Jeswills Eleke MCMA
Theorist and Founder

My drive is to develop hybrids (common people with uncommon minds) and make them excellent, reliable and rugged, with themselves, their family and their work.

It all started when I was sent on an errand and I found out how poor my memory was. When I begun to learn about memory, I saw a lot of mind-workings on memory. To commit something in your memory has to have your mind involved otherwise, you could forget it.

Then I moved to understanding the mind. I found out that the mind can process information at different paces and that the speed of thought varies depending on the arrangement of thoughtful activities.

This also led to seeing the need to be purpose-driven along a path, in order to align everything for better performance. Purpose, then, became the new adventure.

What is purpose and how can I find mine? Every time we work or do an activity, we put in varying levels of our strengths but certainly not our weaknesses. Then I began to understand that strengths are to talents and weaknesses are to emotions and that both are necessary for our all-time mental performance, even during eventual downtimes (tragic and highly stressed times).

While learning to understand memory, mind and purpose, I understood that as we communicate with languages, the mind has a language that even helps our memory, learning and decisions and ultimately to live a purpose-driven life. I spent 27 years learning these things, from kid-hood; and from not being very smart to learning like a genius and working incredibly for 21 hours every day without downtime.

I have done some studies in psychology, teaching, complementary medicine and therapy and by myself (without certification) studied math, theology among other subjects. I developed a theory that can reengineer minds and find precise purpose-fields (like, you are meant to be a doctor under gynecology). My theory has been tested at different degrees on tens of thousands of people.

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