Corporate Boost

MINIMUM TOTAL BOOST: 79.5% increase in performance and profitability in 3 months

Our Services

  1. Mind Reengineering and Purpose (MRP): In the most simplistic rendering, MRP is the scientific way of improving a person’s output by tweaking their mind to perform and produce higher results, especially in their best field of practice.
  2. Performance and Productivity Report (PPR): It is the evaluation of a person’s capacity to communicate, respond and commit within an existing job and the further identification of the person’s best job description, their decision-making quality, implication and speed and memory accuracy.
  3. Report Data Analysis (RDA): It is the representation of multiple PPRs in comparative analysis and chart breakdown to conclude on the current human-flow performance of an organizational workforce. It is summed up with the author’s report.
  4. Unique Business Model (UBM): It is a business model designed from the MRP theory that improves and sustains the profitability of businesses while enabling the work composition which will bring out worker’s most efficient performance and productivity.
  5. MRP Training and Development (T&D): It is the process of using a person’s PPR to structure a developmental training that ensures the projected UBM’s boost is attained within the specified period.

Our Cost

  1. PPR:                      N3,500 (per participant)
  2. RDA:                     N15,000 (per organization)
  3. MRP T&D:           Negotiated

“We are as productive as our minds, so when a mind is enhanced, productivity and profitability is also enhanced and when purpose is defined, performance is unfailing”, Jeswills Eleke

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Unique Business Model

1. The founder is an entity composed of strengths and weaknesses, which can be converted to a driving force or vehicle. The Corporate Boost strategy identifies the purpose-field of the founder and integrates this composition into the corporate vision to allow undisturbed effectiveness in the founder’s running of the business.

2. In business decision-making, the founder must consider the qualities that fit every member of the corporate mandate and should choose and place employees based on this fact. The Corporate Boost identifies the membership needed to move the business seamlessly and also identifies the statistics of each employee to ensure compatibility or provide enhancement trainings.
3. Clients need excellent delivery and no one is born excellently. Howbeit, everyone can only learn excellence according to their capacity. So the Corporate Boost customizes training for each member of the organization to ensure they produce at least 75% more than their immediate capacity.