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Performance and Productivity balanced by innovation and sheer brilliant minds


To build the Mind along the path of purpose, within a field, through science.

Dedicated Class is founded for innovation, powered by science and aimed to enhance the performance and productivity of people and their businesses.

Performance and Productivity Report

Performance and Productivity Report (PPR) is an essential tool for all corporate workers and job seekers. It analyzes and prints out comprehensive report of a person. The evaluation report includes:
1.Mind Checkup (Comprehensive),
2.Purpose-field discovery (Best job description),
4.Workplace commitment,
5.Memory activity quality (Avg. from 5 tests),
6.Information gathering report (using the IGAT technology).

Learning Programs

Hybrid-k We are desirous to turn human minds into an excellent, reliable and rugged processor that can perform and produce optimally 95% of the time, in learning, calculating and purpose-driven.

The Hybrid-k program will produce men and women who excel at their homes and workplaces and use human intelligence to promote sustainable development.

H-k participants will have ingenious learning drive, enhanced behaviours and driven adaptive qualities, centered on purpose.

Unique Business Model

It is a business model designed from the MRP theory that improves and sustains the profitability of businesses while enabling the work composition which will bring out worker’s most efficient performance and productivity.

Pioneer Class

Pioneer Class is an online arm of Dedicated Class company that sets agendas and recruits people fit to run with the vision

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